About Us

ALF is a law firm providing full range of legal services to both Lebanese and International clients. We assist clients in a variety of legal matters, ranging from penal and civil law, to administrative law, commercial and business law general corporate work, mergers and acquisitions, protection of intellectual property rights, labor law and structuring foreign investments to specific industry sectors, such as production, telecommunications and media to name but a few of our specialties. We also specialize in Real Estate, Property Law and have assisted many foreign purchasers in buying property in Lebanon.

We have a team of lawyers each specialized in different fields of law. Adding a personal touch and individuality to all our law practices is our motto therefore each client is always directly in contact with one of the partners. Our firm provides cost effective services tailored to suit the unique requirements and interests of each client. Our lawyers are all specialists who call on the expertise of their associates in the firm when the client’s interests involve more than one area of the law. The application of professional excellence by all our lawyers and cross-utilisation of specialist skills as and when appropriate result in the production of a comprehensive legal package, tailored to the specific circumstances of each client.

.:: Our Guiding Principles

  1. We give our clients services of the highest standards, as we are able to efficiently address all legal problems.
  2. We recognise that each of our clients is unique with particular concerns.
  3. We exercise a personal commitment to all of them, to understand their objectives rapidly and effectively and to expedite solutions by means of clear and practical legal advice and action.
  4. We will not, knowingly, assist or permit clients to take any action that may be considered to be dishonest or dishonorable and we will not engage in useless legal proceedings that are inefficient, costly and time-consuming, and encourage them to settle whenever it is in their best interests.
  5. We keep our clients alert concerning all material facts and available options in a given case in order to help them in making an informed decision, and we keep them regularly instructed regarding their legal affairs.
  6. Our fees are fair and reasonable, and established in consideration of the time and effort required for each case, its difficulty, and the results obtained.
  7. We strongly believe in the principle “action speaks louder than words”, that’s why we give our clients the best results, not the best promises.